Commercial and Factoring

Whether you are a commercial business with grounds to maintain or you are a factor, we can maintain your grounds on a regular basis.  You can spread the cost over 12 months and we will continue to keep your grounds in a tidy condition throughout the winter too.

We will not only keep your grounds tidy but turn them into a pleasant environment for your staff, customers and residents to enjoy.

By contracting a social business like ourselves, your business is helping us to help our local community.

Charities and Community Gardens

If you are a charity with grounds to maintain, we would love to be able to work with you.  We can either service your whole garden or we can do the heavier jobs leaving your volunteers to do the rest.

As a charity, by hiring us, you will be supporting a local not-for-profit organisation that is actively supporting local people back into work.

We are also able to work with you to transform a green-space that you own into a community garden that would benefit the whole community.  A well maintained community garden can be a great asset to a community and we would love to work with you so you can bless your community.

What our customers say

Excellent and reliable garden service. Would highly recommend.

Call us for a quote

We would be delighted to come and meet with you to give you a customised quote for your commercial or charitable needs.

Looking for another service?

Garden Maintenance

Regular garden maintenance designed to suit your needs including grass cutting, weeding, hedges and edges.  We will ensure your garden always looks tidy.  We aim to offer a great service at affordable prices.

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Is your garden in need of a complete makeover?  Is your garden no longer suitable to your requirements?  Our team can redesign your garden to suit you.  Our team also specialise in modifying you garden to make it easier for you to maintain.

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