A social business is a different kind of business.  First of all, we are not driven by profit.  Instead, we are driven by how much of a difference we can make to our local community through the business that we undertake.

There are 3 distinguishing features of our social business:


Our Commitment

It is our desire and goal to be able to help local people to stay in their homes for as long as they can.  One of the barriers to staying in your own home is often your ability to maintain your own garden.

Whether maintaining your own garden is difficult due to age, physical or mental illness, income, or family pressures, we want to be able to help people in our local community stay in their homes as long as possible by supporting them with gardening help.


Contact us if you need help maintaining your garden - we're here to help.


Our Gardeners

One of our core aims is to help local people back into work.  We work closely with our local CAP Job Club to give employment opportunities to people who have been long-term unemployed.  We also actively seek to employ people who are facing barriers to employment such as disability, lack of experience or training, or complex personal circumstances.

Our gardeners work under the supervision of a City & Guilds trained Head Gardener and all our gardeners receive full training on the job.  We also provide tailored work placements to give people experience and skills that they can use as they seek to return to work.


Contact us if you'd be interested in working with us.


Our Finances

Every pound that we make is reinvested into our local community of East Kilbride.  All the money that the business earns is either reinvested to provide more training and employment opportunities in our community or is given away to local charities.

We have no shareholders and none of our directors profit from the business.  Everything that we make is used for the benefit of East Kilbride.

Our prices are fair and affordable for most people but we also want to help those in our community who cannot afford to maintain their garden.  So, for every 3 full-price customers, we maintain someone's garden for half-price.  This means that our full-price customers help us to subsidise the gardening costs for someone on benefits or low income.


You can contribute towards the cost of someone else's garden maintenance.  For instance, a £5 donation would let us maintain the garden of someone in our community who is on benefits or low income.

Hunter Community Gardening is a division of Hunter Community Enterprises C.I.C.

Hunter Community Enterprises C.I.C. has a vision for creating more and more social enterprises in East Kilbride.  It is our desire to use the talent and assets that exist within East Kilbride for the benefit of the whole community.

We exist to provide high quality local services throughout East Kilbride and to offer person-centered, bespoke employment, training and development opportunities for young or long-term unemployed people.